17th March 2021

New Zealand Buttons By Stokes.

The artillery button dates from WW1. The RNZAF is post 1952.

Royal Regiment of New Zealand Artillery.

The volunteer artillery date from 1866. In 1947 the permanent and volunteer corps of artillery were combined. It received the Royal warrant in 1958.


Royal New Zealand Air Force.

Referee (Sydney), 23rd April 1936 page 24.

During WW1 New Zealand pilots flew with British services. A  New Zealand Permanent Air Force (NZPAF) was gazetted in 1923, initially as part of the army. It was renamed the RNZAF in 1934 and in 1937 became a separate force.


See  http://www.austbuttonhistory.com/new-zealand-button-history/#Defence_Forces



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