16th March 2023

New Finds

C.1960 Beutron Opal-Glo

Early 1960s Beutron

As with yesterday’s Opal-Glo card, these cards have the style (or stock) number, and also the number of buttons to be sewn onto the card. In this case it was done not with a marketing intent, but as a guide to the people sewing the buttons. What an effort to stamp every card. Surely there could have been another way to give instructions to the workers, for example on a slip of paper supplied with a bulk lot of cards and buttons?

c. 1963  Beutron

“New” Beutron must refer to the new ownership that occurred in 1963, when Burns Philips sold the interest they had in G. Herring P/L since 1938, and  F.W. Williams Holdings Ltd bought a 50 percent interest in the firm, now called Beutron Australia Ltd.


The term ‘siliconised’, referring to a silicon finish that made fabrics waterproof. It was first mentioned in Australia in 1954. Soon carpets and venetian blinds, and even rock carvings were siliconised for protection. By 1961 there were siliconised hand care products (barrier creams). In 1962 firms were offering siliconising treatments to protect your carpets and furnishings. In this case, I guess the treatment improved the buttons wash resistance.

Queensland Country Life, 1st July 1954 page 6.

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