14th February 2023

More from the Archives about Trouser Buttons

Weekly Times (Melbourne), 25th December 1897 page 19. Someone must have asked the paper about riveted buttons.

Sunday Times (Perth), 8th September 1907 page 4. As most tailors were men, this is an insulting put down of men.

Sunday Times (Sydney), 24th June 1906 page 5. Similar stories were written about captured German prisioner during WW2, so perhaps this is an urban myth.

The Herald (Melbourne), 21st August 1940 page 5.

Daily Mercury (Mackay, Qld), 4th April 1941 page 9.

The Herald (Melbourne), 24th October 1947 page 3. A munitions factory in Maribyrnong was converting to production of civilian items.

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