7th November 2020

City of Newcastle Regiment

Newcastle Morning Herald and Miner’s Advocate (NSW), 24th November 1933 page 10.

Australian War Memorial image REL39035. A collar badge from before the granting of the new design.

From diggerhistory.
A collar badge from after the granting of the new design.











According to the Australian War Memorial:

“On returning to Australia after the First World War the Australian Imperial Force, including the 2nd Infantry Battalion, ceased to exist. In its place was formed The Citizens Military Force (CMF), also known as the militia. These new units maintained the structure of the AIF and kept the same numerical designations. The militia units were also distributed in the same areas the original AIF units were raised. Consequently, militia units were known by the name of their shire. Thus the 2nd Infantry Battalion became the ‘City of Newcastle Regiment’. 

During the Second World War, the 2nd Battalion was responsible for manning the Fort Scratchley Battery in Newcastle. These men saw action in the early morning hours of 8 June 1942 following the Japanese raid on Sydney Harbour. Japanese submarines carried out brief bombardments of the coastal suburbs of Sydney and of Newcastle.”

The battalion was re-raised in May 1921 as part of the Citizen Forces. In 1927 territorial unit titles were introduced and the battalion regained the title “City of Newcastle Regiment”. It was merged and seperated from other units multiple times as local and world politics had their influence. This regiment and the 17th/18th Infantry Battalion (North Shore regiment) were merged to become the 2nd Royal New South Wales Regiment in 1987.



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