7th January 2023

War Time Fashion

Many ladies took a pride in the uniforms they wore in the auxiliaries and volunteer groups that supported the War Effort. However, you could still dream of a fashionable new suit, even if you did not have the money or coupons for one!

The Herald (Melbourne), 20th June 1940 page 21.

The Newcastle Sun (NSW), 23rd April 1942 page 3.

The Riverine Herald (Echuca, Vic), 14th November 1942 page 2.

The Riverine Herald (Echuca, Vic), 28th November 1942 page 3

The Riverine Herald (Echuca, Vic), 12th December 1942 page 3.

The Riverine Herald (Echuca, Vic), 24th April 1943 page 3.

However, there were some oddities …

The Daily News (Perth), 1st February 1940 page 16. I bet this didn’t catch on; and silk was soon needed for making parachutes.

The Herald (Melbourne), 4th November 1940 page 12. A smart red.white and blue scarf printed “The enemy has ears.”

Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton,Qld), 23rd May 1941 page 1.

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