6th April 2023

The History of Naval Uniform: parts 1&2

This is a series from 1960 in the Royal Australian Navy News.

29th January 1960, page 3.

As the article states, there was no regular uniform before about 1750. However, according to an historian quoted in 1830 in the Sydney Morning Herald, in the reign of Elizabeth a dress of scarlet was appointed by her Majesty, and confirmed by James in 1604. During subsequent reigns, down to James II who reigned until 1760, officers of the Royal Navy dressed “after their own fancies”. By ancedote, the origin of the traditional naval dress of blue faced with white is that in 1748 George II admired the riding habit of the Duchess of Bedford which was in these colours. He then directed a similar uniform to be worn by the Royal Navy, although it was not gazetted.

Royal Australian Navy News, 12th February, 1960, page 5.

Continued tomorrow.