4th April 2023

Backmark: Bryan Brothers, London

This is a Victorian Military Forces button listed in Cossum, page 11, as a 1880-1893 button. However, as the forces motto was changed from “Aut Pace Aut Bello” in 1891 to “Pro Deo et Patriia” It is more correctly c.1880-1891. Bryan Brothers were listed in London directories at Wright Buildings, 2A Road, Bermondsey, SE from 1896-1897, then at 33 Charterhouse Square, Aldersgate, EC from 1897-1898. Starting under the name Richard Bryan in 1817,as a candle & military cap maker (how do they have anything in common?), they started making army and navy buttons in 1882, and were listed until 1899.

They had this great advertisement in the  New South Wales Post Office directory of 1886-87:


G. & W. Almond, London








This button is found on page 9 of Cossum, and is described as a c.1875 Victorian Volunteer Service button. G. & W. Almond were military suppliers from at least the 1850s. The Australian War Museum has an example of one of these buttons. https://www.awm.gov.au/collection/REL31179

Note that although this looks like a Tudor (King’s crown), I believe it is meant to show Queen Victoria’s small diamond crown, worn after 1870. See http://www.austbuttonhistory.com/crowns/

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