4th March 2021

Trans Australian Airways

The post WW2 Labor Government formed a government owned interstate airline. It was meant to be a monopoly, but this was successfully challenged in a High Court appeal by existing airways.  The first official flight of Trans Australian Airways was on 9th September, 1946.  ANA was obliged to lift its service and punctuality in the face of the new competition, but it ended up being failing and being bought out by Ansett.  

1946-59. The buttons below pre date 1964.

No backmark. Captain’s. 14mm diametre.

Stokes & Sons Melb,  drop shank.

Stokes & Sons Melbourne, fast shank

Stokes Melb, Staybrite























The Sun (Sydney), 9th September 1946 page 5. The logo remained in use until approx 1960. The uniforms were dark blue and gold.

The Australian Women’s Weekly, 121th August 1950 page 14.

The Australian Women’s Weekly, 9th November 1955 page 23.


No backmark. 1964-1993 blazer button

K. G. Luke Melb







Good Neighbour (ACT), 1st March 1962 page 3.

The Canberra Times, 9th October 1964 page 9. This “jet-age” uniform ” is a lighter shade of blue than the old one, which features a close fitting soft peaked cap.” The summer uniform in 1964 was a “normal length white dress, with open revers, a stiffened belt and a plain skirt in front.” In 1970, along with the white dress, were new dresses in “Wattle Gold” and Aqua.


The Australian Jewish News (Melbourne), 8th September 1983. New ground crew uniform in navy blue, grey and white.

The Canberra Times, 15th November 1984 page 17. The colours were blue and grey with splashes of yellow.











From 1981-86 the kangaroo was dropped from the logo. In 1986 T.A.A. became Australian Airlines, a subsidiary of Qantas. The brand was discontinued in 1993.

The above unpopular logo was dropped with the rebranding , and the kangaroo returned.

1993-4 pilot’s blazer. Worn during the merger of Australian Airlines (TAA )and Qantas.