3rd March 2021

British Commonwealth Pacific Airways

Stokes & Sons Melbourne

The British Commonwealth Pacific Airways was initiated in 1946. At first it chartered flights from A.N.A.,  the inaugural flight taking off from Laverton on 15th September 1946.

The Sun (Sydney), 25th September 1946 page 3.

It flew from Sydney to San Francisco across the Pacific Ocean from 1949-1953. (Note the airline was erroneously called British Canadian Pacific Airways in some newspapers!)

Mornington Bulletin (Qld), 19th February 1949 page 1.

A tragic crash occurred in 1953.

B.C.P.C.  was owned in partnership between the Australian, British and New Zealand  governments.  In 1954 the ownership was re-organised and  it was merged with Qantas Empire Airways.

Northern Star (NSW), 31st October 1953 page 1.

The Daily Telegraph (Brisbane), 16th April 1954 page 6.

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