3rd July 2021

Uniform Button

Cossum page 26 and 29. Volunteer, Medical & Retired Staff, 1879-1901. Copper with silvered escutcheon of the Queen Victoria cypher.

Backmark C.R. Martin Melbourne. He was an importer of military accoutrements.


From Trove: Saved By the Button!

Buttons can be lifesavers. Just ask any collector whose sanity has been saved during covid lockdown by sorting out his/her collection! Seriously, though, people have been “saved by a button”.

Bairnsdale Advertiser (Vic), 25th May 1907 page 2.

Wedderburn Express and Korongshire Advertiser (Vic), 10th September page 5.

National Advocate (Bathurst, NSW), 23rd April 1930 page 2.