3rd July 2021

New Find

Cossum page 26 and 29. Volunteer, Medical & Retired Staff, 1879-1901. Copper with silvered escutcheon of the Queen Victoria cypher.

Backmark C.R. Martin Melbourne. He was an importer of military accoutrements.


Saved By the Button!

Buttons can be lifesavers. Just ask any collector whose sanity has been saved during covid lockdown by sorting out his/her collection! Seriously, though, people have been “saved by a button”.

Bairnsdale Advertiser (Vic), 25th May 1907 page 2.

Wedderburn Express and Korongshire Advertiser (Vic), 10th September page 5.

National Advocate (Bathurst, NSW), 23rd April 1930 page 2.