26th September 2020

Rubber buttons

From 1930 until 1949 newspaper articles mentioned “rubber buttons”. Now I don’t think these refer to buttons such as those made by Goodyear of hard vulcanised rubber and patented in 1851. It appears they were some type of flexible rubber composition, used for utility rather fashion. The articles did not state where these buttons were made, although some were made in England.

Chronicle (Adelaide), 25th December 1930 page 60.

Northern Star (Lismore NSW), 28th January 1931 page 10.

Daily Standard (Brisbane), 29th July 1933 page 8.

Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton Qld), 1st December 1936 page 5.

“New Army Service Dress. Would Stagger Boys of the Old Brigade.” The Telegraph, 21st April 1939 page 6.  Detail from the article describing the new British uniform below:

Pix magazine: 3rd January 1942 page 14.

In 1949, unbreakable buttons for coats, trousers, etc., were being sold as a ‘disposals purchase.’ They then disappear from view, probably due to newer plastic buttons taking their place.

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