29th November 2020

Uniform Buttons

Royal Australian Naval Brigade

The Royal Australian Naval Brigade (RANB) was a division of the Citizen Naval Forces during World War 1 and the immediate post war period. Members were either volunteers or compulsory trainees who served shore duty or sea duty. According to https://www.navy.gov.au/brief-history-royal-australian-naval-reserve the title for the naval reserve of ‘Royal Australian Naval Brigade’ dates from January 1917 until 1920. However, the term was used in media from 1914-1931! Cossum’s pre-1910 dating must be in error.

Firmin & Sons Ltd. London

Stokes & Sons Melbourne

Library SA [PRG 280/1/24/377] : member of the R.A.N.B. 1921. The word ‘Brigade’ can be seen on the cap.

Royal Australian Navy

Firmin & Sons London, thanks Ian. Button as worn by Petty Officers and Chief Petty Officers. 1911-1927

A history of Australia’s naval uniforms  worth looking at  https://www.navy.gov.au/customs-and-traditions/brief-history-australian-naval-uniforms-0

The Royal title was bestowed in 1911. In March 1928 a new style of RAN button was introduced, comprising a vertical stockless anchor replacing the previously worn ‘lazy’ anchor. 


General Staff

Thanks to Noble Numismatics. General Staff Button 1912-1948

Stokes Melb









General Staff are officers, enlisted and civilian personnel  responsible for the administrative, operational and logistical needs of defence forces. They provided communication between command and operational staff.

Major E A Wisdom, General Staff Officer c.1916


Tasmania Mental Hospital

Thanks to Noble Numismatics. Stokes & Sons Melb. 1934-1937.

The Mercury (Hobart), 22nd September 1934 page 7.

The Hospital for the Insane was located in Humphrey Street, New Norfolk from 1859; renamed from the previous Lunatic Asylum instituted to care for unwell convicts.  In 1914 it was renamed the Mental Diseases Hospital, from 1934 the Mental Hospital then in 1937 Lachlan Park Hospital.

Examiner (Launceston), 21st May 1937 page 12.

In 1968 in was again renamed as the Royal Derwent Hospital.

From Wikipedia. Image released to common use by author, Campbellm31.