23rd August 2022

Yacht Club of Victoria

From Australia Button Collector issue 62 Nov 2021 page 10.

Tony has a uniform button for the Yacht Club of Victoria, before the Royal prefix was granted in 1886. See http://www.austbuttonhistory.com/uniform-buttons-2/sporting-clubs-and-volunteer-organisations/#Royal_Yacht_Club_of_Victoria


St Kilda Yacht Club

From Australia Button Collector issue 62 Nov 2021 page 11.

In  1876 a group of sailors established the St Kilda Sailing Club, changing to the St Kilda Yacht Club in 1884.

The Age (Melbourne), 21st October 1876 page 7.

Weekly Times (Melbourne), 27th September 1884 page 6.

Whilst the club’s website claims the name change was due “the desire to place the Club in a premier position”, I think it was actually because the former club of that name had folded! The news article below shows that a St Kilda Sailing Club and a St Kilda Yacht Club had co-existed. The Original S. K. Y. C. was already  existed in September 1875, before the Sailing Club, so they couldn’t use the name until the first folded or merged with them.

The Age (Melbourne), 10th May 1883 page 6.

State Library Victoria image #a02517. c.1911

In May 1924, King George V granted the Royal title.

Geelong Advertiser (Vic), 31st May 1924.

Their venue was used for yachting events during the 1956 Melbourne Olympics.  A further name change followed; becoming the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron in 1961 upon merger with the St Kilda 14 Foot Sailing Club.

The Argus (Melbourne), 31st October 1955 page 5.

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