23rd April 2021

Country Fire Brigade

On the Government Uniform page there is a button tentatively ascribed to the Castlemaine Fire Brigade. http://www.austbuttonhistory.com/uniform-buttons-2/uniform-buttons/#Castlemaine_possibly_Fire_Brigade The button dates from around 1885-1898. The Castlemaine Brigade started in the 1850s; however the Country Fire Brigades Board was instituted in 1890 in Victoria to have responsibility for all fire Brigades greater than 16 kilometers from Melbourne. Could this be a generic C.F.B. button, a later example of which can be seen below?


Metal trouser buttons.

The Hercules Branded buttons were made in Germany, and are better quality. They are thick moulded button with smooth edges. The Australian made are a cut/stamped from a thin sheet of metal with rougher edges.