22nd February 2023

Fabulous Fashions from  1964

A four page ‘Butterick Pattern Supplement’ featured in the Women’s Weekly magazine, including a full page advert for Beutron buttons. Enjoy the hats, the poses, the hair, and the pointy shoes!

(P.S. The overuse of hyphens was in the original text.)

“Suit with box jacket has front-buttoned overblouse and slim skirt.”

“Tailored one-piece dress has low-placed slit pockets and inset front opening below a rounded neckline.


















“Summer coolness is potrayed in sleeveless scoop-necked one-piece dress.”

Slender ankle-length formal has a shallow neckline and darted bodice. A self-ruffle trim outlines hem and neck.”

“Soft one-piece dress has a hi-line bodice finished with above-elbow sleeves. A self-tie belt accents the high waistline; the skirt has eased fullness.”

















“Sleeveless shift dress has V-neckline and sailor-type roll collar finished with a neat bow trim.”

(Left) “Semi-fit dress has flattering seaming detail under the bustline. The skirt has eased back-tapering towards hemline. (Right) Sheath dress with deeply scooped neckline at back and a self-ruffle trim.”

“There’s a beautiful Sunek fabric to suit your choice of patterns for sportswear, suits, hostess frocks , day wear and children’s wear. The dress in the middle is a “hostess frock” apparently.

Close ups below.

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