22nd August 2023

New Finds

Wherever Carol goes, she finds buttons. I should go on holidays with her.

The Sun (Sydney), 13th March 1947 page 6.

Woolworths sold haberdashery items from its early days, including cards of MOP and other imported buttons. All the advertising below are details from  Woolworths display adverts.

The Sun (Sydney), 18th May 1933 page 17.

The Sun (Sydney), 1st August 1940 page 17.

The Daily News (Perth), 9th October 1952 page 12.

Warwick Daily News (QLD), 8th july 1954 page 5.













The Herald (Melbourne), 13th May 1954 page 27.

In 1954-5 they stocked Beutron Opal-glo buttons.

The Daily News (Perth), 13th April 1955 page 11.

However, from 1954 Woolworths were supplied their own branded buttons by General Plastics, then later by G. Herring (Beutron). Woolworths sold multiple lines of buttons, including Moonglow, Boilproof, Hi-Style, Kiddietone, Spares, Sew’N’Save, Big W, and Grandway!

The Canberra Times, 28th September 1967 page 4.

The Canberra Times, 27th March 1968 page 21.

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