21st August 2023

Post War Fashions for Men: part 2

As a reaction to years of wearing uniforms, men embraced casual wear, including knit shirts, vests and what Australian call “jumpers” (pullovers). Casual shirts had two breast pockets, and were often worn with the top button undone.

Australian Women’s Weekly, 3rd December 1949, page 15.

Casual trousers were also wide in the leg, as for suits, but of lighter, and sometimes more colourful materials. “Walking shorts” were a new item; long length with a pleat.

Australian Women’s Weekly, 10th December 1949 page 16. A very fashionable man: pipe, two-tone shoes casual shirt and walking shorts.

Saturday Evening Express (Launceston), 3rd December 1949 page 17.

Australian Women’s Weekly, 3rd September 1949, page 6.

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