21st November 2022

New Finds: Beutron

Beutron tried to control the pricing of their products (although not consistently) by printing the price on the actual card from 1951.

Early 1950s, late 1950s, early 1970s.

The Opal-Glo is an uncommon style; thicker than usual.

Some of the many card types post 1970s:

?late 1970s through to ? early 2000s

The “Lincraft” buttons appear on the same size/shape card as the Beutron card next to it.

The Lincraft Logo dates from 1985, when the name changed from Suzannesilks-Lincraft.



On the back of the card the company name is pronted as Lincraft Pty Limited (as opposed to Pty Ltd) which according to Australian government ABN records, dates the card from 2000-2005. In 2005 the firm went into liqudation, was purchased as renamed Lincraft Australia Pty Ltd. This helps date the Beutron card with the gold “awning” on top of the card.

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