20th July 2020


RAAF post 1952. Maker Swann & Hudson.

Swann & Hudson

Swann & Hudson were based in Frankston from 1947 to around 1990.  Along with K. G. Luke, Brim Medallions and Wheelen’s Castings they were amalgamated into J. J. Cash.

The Argus, 7th January 1954 page 28.


Permanent Artillary, 1893-1903. Stokes & Sons  Melb


Pre-Federation Volunteer Military Forces.  Stokes & Martin Melb.

As far as I can tell, this is a Victorian Rangers Officer’s button. The motto is  ‘Pro Deo et Patria’ (For God and Fatherland/country) which according to the Australian War memorial dates it to 1893 or later. However, contemporary newspapers date the change of motto to 1891. As Stokes’ and Martin’s partnership dissolved in 1893, it presumably dates to a short period around 1891-3.

The Victorian Rifle Volunteers were renamed in 1889 as the Victorian Rangers, with men often drawn from rifle clubs.