1st April 2024

New Finds

The 1970s-80s Embassy buttons have a nice, coppery finish inside the rim. The Woolworths buttons were amongst the last to be sold on this style card, before they changed to the red/white/blue with the Big W chevron.


‘Busk Protector’

Some ladies must have been having problems with the fastening of their girdles.

Apparently a busk was “a strip of rigid material such as whalebone, wood, ivory, shell or steel, set into the front of a corset to make it sit flat and straight” and to define the profile of the wearer (yuk!) They were used from the 16th-early 20th centuries. They were commonly 25-38 centimetres long, and thicker at the breast than at the waist. They were advertised in Australian newspapers from 1895-1925.

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