19th February 2024

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Chas Lane & Co. Melbourne

The Home: An Australian Quarterly, 1st December 1924 page 53.

Charles James Lane had worked for the Mutual Store before running his own business, at first in Collins Street then Elizabeth Street. He formed the company of Charles Lane & Co in 1910 and served as chairman of the Master Tailors’ Association. He may well have been a master tailor, but he was not a master businessman, which came out when he sued his bank over a refused promissory note. He was heavily overdrawn with the bank who were going to sell his assets to recover the debt.  He died in 1925 aged 57 years.The following year the business was bought by Marcus Clark (Victoria) Ltd. His son, also called Charles James Lane,  had been a partner in his father’s firm. He became a board member of both Craig, Williamson P/L and Marcus Clark (Vic) Ltd.

News (Adelaide), 5th June 1929 page 11.The store was replaced, incongruously, by a fish shop!

The Herald (Melbourne), 9th July 1930 page 13.

He was a real estate company director who died suddenly, aged 49 years, in 1954. He was remembered as a talented athlete and golfer.

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