19th August 2022

The post yesterday mentioned a button I had not yet featured

Victorian Naval Artillery

The Age (Melbourne), 26th November 2020 page 2.

The excerpt from the financial statement shows that there was a Naval Volunteer Artillery as early as 1856.  This may refer to the Victorian Marine Artillery Corps that was in existence from 1856-1860. Perhaps this was the unit this uniform button belonged to?

Willoamstown Chronicle (Victoria), 19th September 1857 page 3.

During July 1856 a “Marine Artillery Company” at Williamstown was established, and the first fort was built there during 1860. This corp lasted until 1884 under the name of the Williamstown Volunteer Artillery. However, they had their own uniform button, as seen on page 15 of Cossum. It shows the QV crown over a side profile field gun, and the letters W. V. A. underneath. Does anyone have one of these?

In 1863 there was a new Volunteer Bill, with new enrollments, which may be why Cossum dated the button above as circa 1863.

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