19th April 2023

School Uniform Buttons

Mt Carmel Boys’ School, Alberton, South Australia.

This school was run by the Marist Brothers from 1927 until 1966. The Mt Carmel Girl’s School then moved into the campus, and in 1983 it became co-educational, with the new title of Mt Carmel College.

 I believe it may be this school (but am happy to be corrected) as there seems to be the South Australian ‘Piping Shrike” in the left upper corner of the shield, with the Marist star- topped “M” next to it, and a “lamp of learning/knowledge” below.

Ed. note: this identity has been confirmed by an administrator of this school.

Piping Shrike symbol

Marist symbol

lamp of learning/knowledge.






Unknown school button

Please help me to identify this.

Backmark: Superior Rich Quality








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