16th September 2022

Australian Badges: Clubs

Advocate (Melbourne), 6th December 1951 page 3.

Stokes, Amor, A.J. Parkes and other some-time button makers also made a large variety of metal badges, for the military, clubs, schools, government departments, etc.

Leader (Melbourne), 14th May 1898 page 24.

The Federation league in NSW, along with similar groups elsewhere, campaigned for federation of the colonies into a nation.

The Daily Mail (Brisbane), 6th January 1924 page 22.

Car badges were issued to the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland from 1911. The above design was produced by both Amor and Wallace Bishop. Stokes had provided car badges from 1916-1922, then Angus & Coote of Sydney for a year. all these firms also produced buttons.

Bohemia: the all-Australian literary magazine; April 1939 page 19.

This was a Melbourne based, male only, art and literary society and publisher of books and a magazine, lasting from 1938-1988.

The Rugby League News, 31st August 1968 page 17.

Perfection Plate supplied AIF buttons during the war. From 2013-2016 they were listed as having over ownership of Stokes Badges, which is probably still a subsidiary of this company.

The Rugby League News, 31st August 1968 page 19.Denham, Neal & Treloar described themselves as ja ewellery and art enamelling factory in 1947, and were still operating in 1985. They produced many badges.

Nature Conservation Survey: Victorian National Parkes Association, 1st August 1969.

Stokes Sons designed the monogram for the Association in about 1957, with the understanding that they would get to produce the badge when finances allowed, which finally happened in 1969.

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