15th September 2022

 Australian Badges: Military

Stokes, Amor, A. J. Parkes and other some-time button makers also made a large variety of metal badges, for the military, clubs, schools, government departments, etc.

During the Boer Wars, Stokes designed and supplied “distinctive badges”, modified from the Commonwealth Horse badge, for contingents to South Africa in 1902. These distinctive badges would, with some design modifications, become what we know of as the Rising Sun badge (a.k.a. Commonwealth Pattern badge as used during WW1 and WW2).

Commonwealth of Australia Gazette, 2nd May 1902.

Starting from Federation, there was a need for uniform badges and other accroutrements for the Commonwealth Military Forces and the Royal Australian Artillery.

Commonwealth of Australia Gazette, 20th August 1904.

Commonwealth of Australia Gazette. 16th April 1908.

Commonwealth of Australia Gazette, 22nd February 1913.

Many commemorative badges were produced during and after both wars, but they were not to be misused!

The West Australian, 23rd August 1918 page 7.

The Border Star (Coolangatta, Qld), 30th August 1940 page 4. These badges were designed by students of the Melbourne Technical College.

Tweed Daily (Qld), 13th August 1940 page 4.

The Sydney Morning Herald, 23rd January 1945 page 5. Even if you had served for years, you had to give back the badge if you joined another service? I’m not impressed.

Commonwealth of Australia Gazette, 12th January 1956 pages 77-78.

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