14th May 2023

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J. B. Milton & Co. Melbourne

In 1860 upon the dissolving of a partnership “by the effluxion of time” (the end of a lease or agreement through natural course of events) Mr Milton continued in this new style at 54 Collins Street.

The Argus (Melbourne), 24th October 1860 page 3. The partnership and commenced in 1855.

John Barrow Milton supplied military uniforms:

The Argus (Melbourne), 21st January 1861 page 1.

The Argus (Melbourne), 25th February 1862 page 5.

The Star (Ballarat) 23rd October 1862 page 2.

His death in 1891 is a reminder of the danger of the ‘flu! Get vaccinated!!

The Herald (Melbourne), 5th October 1891 page 2.

A full page advertisment in Punch (Melbourne), 2nd March 1911 page 9. It boasts of appointment to the Earl of Hopetoun, the Marquis of Normanby, Sir George S. Clarke, Sir H.B. Loch and Lord Brassey.

From a long article about the early life of Melbourne:

The Age (Melbourne), 26th September page 8.

The firm continued, and in 1919 was restyled as “E. W. Roach and J. B. Milton P/L” and continued until 1937 when it was taken over by James Thelwell & Co.

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