13th October 2023

Maxart Button Tubes

Max Wilson, of the family that formed Maxart, developed the storage tube for buttons. With pre-drilled holes in the push or screw on cap, a sample button could be attached by wire or thread. The tubes could then be stored, end on with the display button showing. The customer could purchase the exact number of buttons required.

I am guessing that the earliest tubes dated from the 1970s, as I have seen a button with a price of 2 cents per button printed upon it, but please let me know if you have further information!

The picture below from a Butterick “Tubed Buttons” order form dates during 1994, and shows “an attractive counter merchandiser ready to hold stock and the display card”

The buttons were priced from $0.25 – 1.95 each, with approximately a %100 percent mark up from wholesale to retail price per tube!

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