12th September 2022

Media Tidbits from the Past: Part 2

Evening News (Sydney), 9th August 1928 page 17.

According to Wikipedia, A union suit is a type of one-piece long underwear, most often associated with menswear in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, but originating in the USA as women’s wear during the 19th century. They were buttoned up the front, and sometimes had a buttoned back flap over the bottom.

The Bulletin, 30th January 1919 page 9.

The Australian Woman’s Mirror, 6th December 1927 page 63.

The Bulletin, 27th January 1937 page 18.

They are also called “long johns”, and became to be associated with  old fashion bumpkins …

From a story in the Australian Women’s Weekly, 7th June 1947 page 3.

Searching for “union suits” in Trove, I came across some bizarre items …

Sunday Times (Sydney), 1st February 1914 page 4.

Leader (Melbourne), 11th December 1915 page 48.






The World’s News (Sydney), 9th April 1930 page 26.

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