10th January 2024

Chartair Pty Ltd

Backmark: Firmin London

Whilst excited to discover a new Australian Airline uniform button, I soon faced a challenge: it turned out there have been (at least) 4 airlines of this name! The button was described as from the 1970s. I have not been able to confirm this button as belonging to Chartair, except for the seller’s identifcation.

1.Chartair Ltd: 1946-8 Based in Croydon, London, and servicing the Mediterranean.

2. Chartair Aviation Service: Est July 1984  in west Australia with just one Tiger Moth converted for ambulance.  It bought other planes, and offered a road transport taxi service. The airline operated until 1953.

Western Mail (Perth), 10th August 1950 page 10.

Worker (Brisbane), 25th July 1949 page 9.

3. Chartair Pty Ltd: Tasmanian Aeroclub  Based in Launceston from 1967-9.

King Island News (Currie), 7th May 1968 page 1.

4. Chartair Australiasia Pty Ltd: Based in the Northern Territory from 1974 as Leach Aero Services, and still in operation. It may have changed its name in 1977. It has bases in Darwin, Alice Springs, and Katherine. It is now part of a larger group of aviation companies. It offers both scheduled and charter flights, as well as servicing FIFO customers. They carry mail, freight and passengers with subsidy from Federal Government Remote Air Services. See https://www.chartair.com.au/

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