6th March 2022

ARC Industries Ltd.

Cufflinks by Sheridan, Perth.

This company was established in 1920 in Victoria as Australian Reinforced Concrete (A.R.C.) Engineering Company Pty. Ltd., to provide reinforced concrete products to the construction industries.

Daily Commercial News and Shipping List (Sydney), 2nd June 1920 page 5.

A branch was opened in Sydney in 1928 then in 1948 Ovaweld Ltd in South Australia was purchased. By 1935 it had diversified into weldmesh for fencing and other products. In 1951 it was floated under the new name ARC Industries Ltd. They described themselves at that time as “designing engineers and manufacturers of steel and wire products to the building industry and public utilities”.

The Advertiser (Adelaide), 1st June 1951 page 13.

Due to takeovers and mergers, it became Hume A.R.C. in 1982 then Smorgan ARC in 1987, part of the Smorgan Steel Group.

Pacific island Monthly, 1st May 1975 page 31. The wire mesh logo (seen on the cuff links) appeared in advertising from 1975-1981.

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