9th October 2022

British Regiments in Colonial Australia

96th Regiment of Foot







This button is described as an officer’s coatee button pre-1830. Apparently officers’ buttons were changed  from silver to gilt in 1839. Whilst it is often claimed that the POW plume was only used by Jennens from 1860, this is disputed amongst collectors. As detachments of the 96th were being shipped from 1839, they would not have necessarily had the latest uniform buttons!

An example of a post 1839 button may be this from The Queenslander, 6th October 1932 page 20.

Detachments of the 96th were sent guarding convicts, arriving from December 1939 until August 1841, to New South Wales, Van Diemen’s Land and West Australia.

Commercial Journal and Advertiser (Sydney) shipping arrivals in Sydney, 11th December 1839 page 2.

In 1843 a detachment sailed to New Zealand to take part in the Maori Wars.

Reprinted in the The Perth Gazette and Western Australian Journal, 9th December 1843 page 2.

In 1849 they debarked for India.

Inquirer (Perth), 16th May 1849 page 3. There was dancing and drinking until 5 am the next morning!

News (Adelaide), 27th November 1936 page 6.

In 1874 it was linked to a previous regiment of the same number, the Queen’s Own Germans. It was merged with 63rd Regiment and renamed The Manchester regiment in 1881. It was disbanded in 1818.

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