9th July 2021

The postie was chatting to hubby. Upon discovering that many of the parcels he delivered contained buttons, he offered up his mother’s collection of  spare buttons. Whilst not expecting any treasure, it was fun to rumage through the buttons dating 1940-70s. I found a few Beutron and Beauclaire buttons, as well as a bundle of tailoring buttons.

Other buttonistas have been collecting and/or chuckling over the odd things that turn up in button tins. This lot contained the obligatory bead, buckle, hook and snap, but there was a couple of tiny plastic blocks, a bolt and a scrap of aluminum foil!

It just goes to show that confessing to our strange addiction (button collecting) can lead to unexpected gifts.

The tailoring buttons included a Waldrop’s Pty Ltd and a Snow’s, both of Melbourne. A new one was from Bairnsdale:

W. N. Wigney, Bairnsdale

William Norman Wigney’s  tailoring concern existed in Main Street, Bairnsdale from around 1928. His grandfather William had previously been a tailor in Ballarat , and his father William a tailor in Hamilton. He died in Bairnsdale in 1965, aged 64 years by which time he was listed as a farmer.