7th July 2024

Australian ‘Moonglow’

In 1954 General Plastics Limited started marketing plastic ‘Moonglow’ buttons. This cannot be co-incidental: General Plastics presumably wished to take advantage of interest in the new fashionable glass buttons then being exported from Germany to promote their own competing version of G. Herring’s successful ‘Irridel’ and ‘Opal-glo’ plastic buttons

General Plastics supplied Woolworth with cards of ‘Moonglow’ plastic buttons from around that time. There were two styles from 1954-1958:

Possibly this is the earliest card artwork.

Then from 1958 to 1967-8:

Interestingly, General Plastics only used the term Moonglow on their Beauclaire cards from 1954-55, changing to Superglow after that. Perhaps this was to differentiate Beauclaire from Woolworths, even though they produced them both and used identical buttons?

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