4th November 2021

School Uniform Buttons


See also  http://www.austbuttonhistory.com/uncategorized/15th-july-2020/

Mark: Sheridan Perth


Possible Melbourne Grammar School


Sydney University Cadets

Whilst still hoping for an elusive button, here at least is a badge:








Compared with the Sydney University button; it shows several differences. There is a ‘slung bugle’ instead of an “open book of learning” in the centre of the cross bearing 4  eight-point stars (as on the NSW Coat of Arms). The book has been placed above the shield and below the St Edward’s Crown as used by Elizabeth II. The lion on both (again, from the NSW  Coat of Arms) is known as “the Lion in the South”. Around the edge of the badge in four circles are a leek, thistle, rose and shamrock, representing the United Kingdom. Three waratah flowers (the floral emblem of NSW) occupy, with the crown, the points of the compass around the edge.

No backmark. Brass with copper fixed shank. University of Sydney.