4th April 2022

New Finds

The Woolworth ‘Hi Style card’ has been stamped with the price of 8d (pennies) and dates from the mid 1950s. The other two cards, by the pricing of 15 cents, date from the late 1960s. Both pink styles are new to me.

Below are some colour variations.












“Made By S.S.D. Bros (Indian Army approval mark)1940”

S. S. D. Bros was a supplier to military based in Aligarh, Utter Pradesh, North Western India. The area has a long history in metal working.They made military whistles and buttons and perhaps other items for the Indian Army.

In 1943 an article mentions that trousers with metal buttons for the troops in PNG had been supplied from India:

The Herald (Melbourne), 30th November 1943 page 2.

Perhaps this is one of the removed buttons? It could explain how it ended up with a lot of NSW tailors’ buttons.

See https://talesfromthesupplydepot.blog/2020/07/28/indian-army-whistle/

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