30th October 2022

Tailor’s Buttons

Gray Bros, Melbourne

The Age (Melbourne), 18th October 1880 page 7.

Gray Brothers, William (1837-1887), John (1833-1896) and Samuel (1833-1909), were merchant tailors of Latrobe Street, Melbourne, from around 1871. Sadly, on the 18th March 1887, William Gray, senior partner and also Councillor for the Collingwood City, had committed suicide by jumping into the Yarra River.

The Age (Melbourne), 11th August 1896 page 3.

Samuel continued tailoring alone in Latrobe Street until around 1902.


Possible Matthew Flinders Bicentennial Button

Backmark: Olson Adelaide

This company has been operating near Adelaide from 1966 as Allan J. Olson Pty. Ltd. making badges, medallions, name bars and uniform buttons.  Allan Olson started as an apprentice in 1936 with S. Schlank & Co., working with them until 1965 then starting his own business. In 1971 he bought the former Schlank plant, equipment (including many old dies) and their factory located in Forrestville, South Australia.

In 1802 Matthew Flinders “discovered” South Australia (how very Eurocentric) during his circumnavigation of the continent. I presume this button was made to celebrate his achievement.

Matthew Flinders (1774-1814), by unknown artist, c1800

Matthew Flinders (1774-1814), by unknown artist, c1800 State Library of New South Wales, Original : MIN 52

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