30th October 2021

Australian Fashion Brands part 1.


An Australian fashion line launched in 2009 by the Country Road people.


Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook (1908-2007) began as boot makers in Melbourne in 1924. It is now a third generation family clothing, footwear and homeware company.



The firm started in Torquay in 1973 making boardshorts. It is a large, successful outdoor sports wear company with markets worldwide. It is now known as Boardriders, based in California.


Harry Potter

Before “the boy who lived” there was a brand of ‘Harry Potter’ clothing produced by Clair Jennifer of Wombat since 1994. The name became subject to an unsuccessful legal challenge by Time Warner, makers of the film series.  Clair sold the Wombat business in 2004.



Established in Adelaide in 1996 manufacturing menswear. it has since expanded into women’s casual wear.

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