30th March 2022


Art Deco

The following article from 1928 does not, of course, use the term ‘Art Deco’ as this was a later term used for the visual arts style that flourished between the wars. It was modern, with an emphasis on bold geometric and stylised forms and luxurious materials. It took inspiration from ancient cultures, such as Egyptian, Asian, Persian and Mayan. Buttons were made from glass, wood, bakelite and casein; some with chrome trim. The article describes buttons of the era with some clearly Art Deco examples.

The Age (Melbourne), 27th November 1928 page 6.

The Advertiser (Adelaide), 13th September 1933 page 23. Two-tone, metal inserts and plastics. Bold geometric shapes.

The Daily Telegraph (Sydney), 16th April 1935 page 10. Locally made from Australian wood, these buttons show typical geometrical forms of the era.

The Sun (Sydney), 23rd August 1936 page 8. Chrome buckles.

















From 1935, there was a  change … and instead of Art Deco styling, in came Schiaperelli inspired, figural (realistic) buttons.

News (Adelaide), 4th April 1935 page 12.

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