2nd November 2022

Vintage Cards


This set of novelty buttons was released in 1939. It includes ” a boy and girl jitterbugging, pop bottle, box of popcorn, hot dog in roll, ice cream cone and a ice cream soda”. Made of plastic, self shanked. Occurs in many colours and also metalised. Cards of 6 x the dancing couple were also sold.

Romper Set

Although the buttons are plain utility buttons, I love the artwork. Rompers, or romper sets, were advertised from 1917 onwards. It appears this term applied to toddler-safe clothing, for crawling and walking; an all-in-one suit.

The Land (Sydney), 1st January 1932 page 11.







A Bond’s brand romper from 1977.

As the term “washsuits” was used in Australian newspapers from 1910-1920s, I think this card dates from that era.

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