29th April 2023

Defence Forces Buttons

(Not found in Cossum.)

In 1988 J. K. Cossum published “Buttons of the Defence Forces in Australia. He had previously published books and pamphlets on Australian army badges and also Australian cloth badges. Considering he did not have the internet as a source of information, he and the collectors who assisted him did a wonderful job, although  there were understandably a few errors and omissions.

I have a few buttons that do not appear within this (still useful) book.

GVI Cypher with “King’s” Crown, by Stokes







Can anyone identify this button, dating from 1936-1952? Cossum does not show a button with the GVI cypher, so perhaps it is a generic government department button?

RAN Plastic Buttons

On page 57 Cossum shows a clear and a black plastic RAN button with the King’s/Tudor crown. Does anyone have a clear version? I now also have a white version with a wire shank.








On page 59 Cossum shows a white plastic button with the Queen’s/St Edwards crown (i.e. post 1953) I also have the (unlisted) black version with a long plastic shank.















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