29th April 2022

A General Plastics Design on a Landico Button

Although I have photographed this button previously, it was only today when I was mounting my Landico buttons on card that it hit me … this is a version of the “Beauclaire Rose”!

Now I am even more puzzled. As I have previously mentioned, they also made buttons with  designs used by G. Herring, (the maker of Beutron buttons and the main rival for General Plastics). All three companies were contemporary. Were they buying or leasing each others’ designs? This rose pattern first turns up on a Herrman Co. card, features on many Beauclaire cards (as well as Embassy and Woolworths: both supplied by GP), then after the merger of G.P. and Beutron, on Beutron buttons for decades.


A Bright Idea?

Australian Women’s Weekly, 5th October 1960 page 36.

The Riverine Grazier (Hay, NSW), 3rd December 1954 page 2.

The only cards of buttons I own that employ sellotape are New Zealand Beauclaire branded examples. At least that dates them! It was not a good method of attachment; the buttons tending to come off.


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