29th April 2021

 Tailors’ Buttons: Father and Son

P. Goudie, Port Adelaide

Port Adelaide News and Lefevre’s Peninsula Advertiser (SA ), 19th June 1891 page 2.


Peter Goudie was born in Paisley, Scotland in 1857, coming to Adelaide in 1881. He worked first with Messrs. Jones Brothers, then with  J. T. McLean. He began his own business in Commercial Road, Port Adelaide in 1889, after a period  in partnership with Mr R. H. Samuel. He became ill late in 1924, and died a year later, aged 68 years. Peter Goudie was remembered as a well-liked, hard working handicapper for the Port Adelaide Racing Club. He had also been a bowler, a local councillor, and Freemason. As a councillor, he had been instrumental in getting electric trams for Port Adelaide.

News, (Adelaide), 27th November 1925.

Geo. C. Goudie, Port Adelaide

Not only did George Cavanagh Goudie (1890-1964) take over his father’s tailoring business when he retired, the Port Adelaide Racing Club also asked him to take over as handicapper in 1925. His work as handicapper for about 20 racing clubs did not result in his retiring from tailoring until some time after 1934.

News (Adelaide), 5th January 1927 page 6.