28th July 2023

Tailors’ Buttons

I. Goldenberg, Geelong

Isaac Goldenberg, opened his business as a tailor and mercer in 1900 at Little Malop Street. In 1920 the bulding was renovated and re-branded as Goldenberg, Field Pty Ltd. Isaac died in 1945, aged 68 years.

Geelong Advertiser, 7th April 1900 page 3.

Lowe’s ltd Sydney & London

I have multiple buttons from Lowe’s, but this s the first I’ve seen marked “Newcastle & London”.

They used this title from 1918-1921.

See http://www.austbuttonhistory.com/branded-buttons/branded-buttons-tailors-buttons-g-l/#L

The Sun (Sydney), 23rd September 1920 page 3.

Farmer’s, Sydney

See also http://www.austbuttonhistory.com/branded-buttons/branded-buttons-department-store-buttons-a-g/#F

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