26th January 2022

Colony of Western Australia, Volunteers.

Albany Rifle Volunteers 1878- 1885

The button on Cossum page 28 has the initials ‘ARV’ in very ornate gothic script surmounted by the QV crown.

The Western Australian Times (Perth), 14th march 1879 page 2.

In 1884 only 28 out of a possible 54 men presented for inspection by an unimpressed Colonel Angelo. On March 31st 1884 they disbanded.


Albany Defence Rifles

Thanks to Noble Numismatics: Albany Defence Rifles 1885-1888.

Western Mail (Perth), 17th August 1950 page 17.

The Herald (Fremantle), 23rd May 1885 page 2.

This unit was raised in 1885 very shortly (approx 5 weeks) after the Albany Rifle Volunteers was disbanded. It started with 73 men all ranks but quickly dwindled. In May 1888 it was disbanded, re-raised and renamed on the same day, which must have left everyone dizzy!

The West Australian (Perth), 4th May 1888 page 3.

The Albany Mail and King George’s Sound Advertiser (WA), 29th December 1888 page 3.

The Plantagent Rifles continued, although it was a small force, until 1897.

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