26th August 2023

More New Finds

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

Their website states they were established in 1936, however, there was an orchestra of the same name in 1908. It did not appear to last for long.

The Register (Adelaide), 31st October 1908 page 4.

The next ensemble of this name was organised by a Mr Brewster-Jones in 1919, but changed to become the Norwood Municipal Symphony Orchestra in 1922.

The current orchestra was formed by the Australia broadcasting Commission in 1936.

News (Adelaide), 16th April 1936 page 9.

It replaced the existing South Australian Orchestra, and consisted of 50 performers.

News (Adelaide), 26th May 1936 page 12. A rehearsal with guest conductor Maurice de Abravanel.

National Archives item 11651871. the ASO in 1990

The name changed to South Australian Symphony Orchestra in 1949, reverting to the original name around March 1975.  Confusingly, there was still an orchestra with the name  ‘Adelaide Symphony Orchestra’ from 1950-1971: perhaps it was not a full time concern?

The Mail (Adelaide), 12th November 1949 page 50.

Port Lincoln Times (SA), 28th August 1975 page 4.

Presumably the button dates post 1975.

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