25th September 2021

Imitation  Buttons

Why bother hand knotting leather straps into buttons when they can be moulded from plastic?


Horn Buttons

These plastic Beauclaire buttons have the look of horn.


Metal Buttons

G. Herring made metalised buttons with plastic cabochons to imitate metal and glass buttons. When I first picked one out of a button tin, I was puzzled as it didn’t have the weight I expected.


The button below look like pewter, but is very light. Looking from the side, there is only a thin silvery layer on dark grey plastic (some of which has chipped off the front).






Some fakes don’t try to hide …

This cheap metal button is obviously not basket weave thread. This pattern is a classic, and has been found on buttons of every type of material.

This fake is trying to pretend to be a uniform button.

What country is the USSA?