25th July 2020

Everything’s coming up roses …

What I’ve dubbed “the Beauclaire Rose” may actually be a “Herrman” rose, if the H on this card stands for Herrman & Co (1922-1939), a predecessor dating  of General Plastics who made Beauclaire  branded buttons.

The newspaper pasted on the back dates from 1948.

I have several partial large cards of the roses, but I also have it on a small Beauclaire card,

on Woolworths’ card,











a Coles’ card,

and a ?1980/90s Beutron card


Also appearing on a  1950s Roger Berry card:

Mounted on glass and set in a gift box:


Did Beauclaire import the glass buttons and embellish them with the rose? Were the buttons in their entirety made overseas? Who were the nameless and forgotten designers, whose work was so successful?