24th February 2022

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NZ News Articles from Papers Past

57th Regiment

Jennens & Co London (Prince of Wales plume)

The 57th Regiment of Foot served in New Zealand from 1861-67.

Taranaki Herald, 22nd December 1887 page 2.

See http://www.austbuttonhistory.com/defence-forces-uniform-buttons/pre-federation/#57th_Regiment_of_Foot_West_Middlesex_The_Old_Diehards


99th Regiment

This button from Cultman Collectables is described only as Victorian.

They were deployed in Sydney from 1842, although deployments were sent intermittently  to the New Zealand Land Wars from 1845 until 1848.

Taranaki Herald, 19th November 1910 page 7.

Otago Witness, 5th March 1913 page 44 (supplement)