23rd May 2023

More NZ uniform Buttons

New Zealand Army Education Corps

The Army Education  and Welfare Service was established in 1942 to educate and to help servicemen integrate back into civilian life by offering library services and training courses. It became the New Zealand Army Education Corps in 1954, and received the Royal prefix in 1963.

Press, 4th September 1956 page 9. From a long article. It described assessment of aptitudes, teaching of academic subjects, hobby sheds, library services, and entertainment.






New Zealand Staff Corps

Backmark: JR Gaunt & son , London Eng.

From 1911-1947 it provided professional administrative officers of the Territorial Forces (reservists).  Many of the officers also served overseas during the wars.


Possible International Sporting Team Blazers

Mobil Logo







The pegasus symol was first used by the Vacuum Oil in South Africa in 1911. When it merged with the Standard Oil Company of New York, the trademark was adopted. The company was renamed to Socony-Mobil, then Mobil, and later to Exxon Mobil. The company is American, but this button was sourced in New Zealand. Was it for service station staff, or for their merchant marine, or from clothing merchandising?

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