23rd January 2023

New Finds

It has been slim pickings for me lately, but at last here are some new buttons for my collection.

University of Sydney

Backmark: Stokes & Sons Melbourne

Unlike my other example, this one is a flat 2-piece button (face and shank), not a 3-piece (face, back and shank). It dates before 1963.

Valley Horn

Tamrookum is an inland region  (pop. 91 in 2016) in Queensland.









On the back of the card is printed:

” Horn with its beautiful texture and colour has been used for centuries to produce essential household items such as combs, drinking vessels, buttons, spoons – the list is endless.

 In our Tamrookum Valley workshop we manufacture this traditional range as well as items with a  Australian character.

To maintain the beauty and polish of natural horn, wash only in warm water without detergent.”

Tasmanian Bush Buttons

These were sold by Touchwood (a craft outlet, accommodation and cafe) in Stanley, Tasmania (125 km west of Devonport), of “horizontal scrub”. This is the common name of Anodopetalum biglandulosum, which is, according to Wikipedia, “known as horizontal scrub due to the habit of its slender trunk (primary shoot) bending down horizontally under its own weight. This fallen stem sends vertical branches up its length (secondary shoots), which in turn bend down and branches arise (tertiary shoots), forming an impenetrable horizontal scrub.”

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